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2003 Found  in 2007, by visual executives with expertise. Under the  commitment to food production using spray dry technology process of drying with high quality and international standard.
Began of Non Dairy creamer to serve industrial markets and wholesale/retail distribution. The company policy is to produce quality product under modern technology standard with reasonable price. Later, expanded to increase production of “Yearra” coconut cream powder.
New launching “Yearmate” fresh milk creamer, a new formula creamer to feature sweet and creamy taste and different aroma from other local brands.  Also, we  pack creamer made to order to the brand’s leading department stores such as The mall, Top etc.
New launching product “ginger powder”, produced from fresh mature ginger root used as healthy hot drink or food ingredient as spice.
Increase production capacity of Non dairy creamer to 48,000 Ton/year as we are aiming
Transfer production line of Coconut cream powder product to Yearrabub Co.,Ltd. which is our Sister’s company
Planning on increase production capacity to 69,000 Ton/year by the end of 2016
Set up a new machine to increase production capacity of Non diary creamer.
We have change the name of seller Coconut cream powder & Ginger powder Form Yearrabub Co., Ltd. To Yearrakarn Co., Ltd. And improve our packaging to the same standard to serve more effective in customer requirement.

Yearrakarn’s facilities are 2 parts :-
  • Main office for domestic and export sales is located near Bangkok port to facilitate more people to contact and export products for overseas customers.
  • Factory located is Samutsakorn province, not far from Bangkok, more convenient for delivery and transport.

Current capacity of approximately 100 tons per day and plan to expand production in future to serve needs of increased customers.

Strong determination, with policy of product quality, Using high quality materials and standard technology with safety and benefits for consumers, Yearrakarn has been accepted and trusted by many groups of customers :- industry, wholesale/retail customers. Both domestic and overseas, we promote Thai’s products to potential global kitchen professionally.
With international quality standard, Yearrakarn, by well systemized management, realized the importance to be the reliable and enable our commitment going on. By obtaining Third party certification, international food standard system, including GMP, HACCP, Halal, ISO 9000 :2008, safe and Legal, Quality Management are ready to guarantee our customer both domestic and overseas.
Towards professional standard, production policy “Product quality” over the past 10 years, Yearrakarn is one of the top plants. Our creamer supply for domestic’s industry is the highest and ready to be part of our customers forever. Our company has a certain policy.
Yearrakarn Co.,Ltd. has been assessed and registered against the provision of ISO 22000:2005 by SAI GLOBAL
Yearrakarn Co.,Ltd. has been assessed and registered against the provision of ISO 14001:2004 by Global Group

  • Produce quality products in accordance with international food safety standard and religion.
  • Products produced by modern technology of spray-dry.
  • Focus on reliable product quality that meets international standard and drives Yearrakarn to be No.1
Bangkok Office
116/13  Na Ranong Rd.,
Tel : (66) 2 672 9296-7
Klongtoey 10110 Thailand
Fax : (66) 2 672 9298
Factory Office
77/13 Moo 2, Nakhok, Muang,
Tel : (66) 34 8551435-6
Samutsakorn 74000 Thailand
Fax : (66) 34 886056